From The Sun March 6-12, 1844March 7: The burden train...


March 06, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 6-12, 1844

March 7: The burden train which arrived from Philadelphia at about 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning, reports having found lying upon the track, about 28 miles from the city, the body of a man, cold and stiff, and apparently dead for a short time. He had evidently been run over by the mail train.

March 12: James Jones, for firing a pistol in the street, was taken to the Eastern District watch-house, and fined by Justice Briggs, $1 and costs.

From The Sun March 6-12, 1894

March 7: The movement to restore as far as possible to its original appearance the old Senate chamber in the State House in Annapolis, in which room George Washington resigned his Army commission, has been the subject of much favorable comment in Baltimore and elsewhere.

March 8: The Northwestern District police have received a number of complaints about boys stealing rides on cars of the Edmondson Avenue line of the Traction Company. Yesterday, Justice Canton fined Samuel Sexton $1 and costs on the charge of riding on Edmondson Avenue cars unauthorized.

From The Sun March 6-12, 1944

March 6: Loyola College, with 815 sons in the armed forces, soon will give up it athletic director, Emil (Lefty) Reitz Jr., who has been accepted in the navy, and awaits call.

March 11: Frank Hinman, professor of urology of the University of California Medical School, said today that the day may come when a hopelessly sick man can appear in court and receive permission to have his life ended.

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