Around the house* Update lamps. Replace old shades or...


March 05, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Update lamps. Replace old shades or renew with fringe or contrasting cording which can be tacked around the top and bottom of shade. Sponge-paint paper shades.

* Store bananas in the refrigerator without the skins turning dark. Place fruit inside a white plastic bag, such as a kitchen trash bag, and store inside crisper. Skins will remain yellow for several days.

* Use fabric softeners sparingly when laundering towels. Excessive amounts reduce the absorbency.

* Store silverware away from rubber seals, rubber floor coverings, rubber bands, etc. Rubber corrodes. Also, keep silver from touching salt, olives, salad dressing, eggs, vinegar and fruit juices -- all corrosive agents. Store in clean white tissue.

* Clear gutters and spouts in preparation for April rains. March winds can clutter gutters and downspouts with leaves and debris.

In the garden

* When starting plants indoors or out, mix a small amount of plain gelatin into fine seeds. The tint of the gelatin makes the seeds easy to spot and also nourishes them.

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