Beat indoor doldrums


March 05, 1994|By Donna Erickson | Donna Erickson,King Features Syndicate

If weather keeps preschoolers indoors, here are some "boredom busters" to keep them busy.

* Look for their baby pictures. Tell stories about the kids when they were babies. Show them your baby pictures, too.

* Unravel a ball of string and wind it through your house. Have your children follow it from the starting point to a surprise snack at the end.

* Gather a dozen small, familiar items such as a rubber ball, comb, sponge, apple, grape, etc. and place them in a paper bag. Ask your child to put his/her hand in the bag and try to identify each item without looking.

* Go on a "geometry safari" in your house and categorize objects by their shape. For example, the sofa pillow may be a square, the clock a circle, the lamp shade a triangle, etc.

* Hide a ticking kitchen timer and send your kids on a mission to find it before it goes off!

* At bedtime, ask your children what they did today that they are proud of -- for example, "I put my boots on by myself today."

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