Firms to test interactive TVIn the latest linkup of...


March 04, 1994

Firms to test interactive TV

In the latest linkup of computing and communications giants, Microsoft Corp. and Tele-Communications Inc. said yesterday they had agreed to jointly test interactive cable television systems. Tele-Communications will supply the network for the systems, while Microsoft will supply new software that will control the movement of the interactive media. The systems will first be tested among the companies' employees around Seattle.

Chrysler to boost capacity

The Chrysler Corp., bullish about its long-term prospects after introducing several highly acclaimed new car and truck models, said yesterday that it would spend $1.8 billion over three years to increase its manufacturing capacity by 17 percent. The increase is expected to generate as many as 6,000 jobs in the United States and Canada, the automaker said.

Manekin gets office contract

Manekin Corp. of Columbia said yesterday it has been chosen to lead construction of a 46,000-square-foot headquarters for Columbia National Inc., a Columbia mortgage banking company. The build-to-suit project at the Gateway Crossing 95 business park will be ready July 1, Manekin said. The building will be the first new office building in Howard County since the completion of Ryland Group Inc.'s new headquarters in 1992.

Committee clears credit bill

Legislation designed to help consumers fight inaccurate credit reports cleared the House Banking Committee yesterday. The bill would require credit reporting companies to investigate consumer complaints and, within 30 days, delete information they cannot verify from credit records. But consumer advocates, calling the bill heavily watered-down, said they would lobby to kill it.

Martin Marietta wins contracts

Martin Marietta Corp. yesterday received two Pentagon contracts, one from the Air Force and the other from the Army, totaling $62 million. The $33 million Air Force contract is for improvements to the B-1 and B-2 bomber and F-15 fighter training systems, and the $29 million Army contract will buy M1A2 tank trainers for the Kuwaiti military. Both contracts will be filled by the Information Systems group in central Florida.

Apple introduces new Newton

Apple Computer Inc. is hoping to boost sales of its much-maligned Newton electronic communicator by rolling out a new, face-lifted Newton today with more memory, a larger user space, a longer battery life -- and a lower price tag: $599, down from $699.

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