Telescope is stolen from porch

March 03, 1994

A $2,000 telescope, powerful enough to enable the viewer to observe mountain ranges and shadows on the moon, was stolen from the enclosed back porch of a Linwood home Sunday night.

Richard J. King, who received the the electric clock-drive telescope as a Christmas present in 1991, said it was mounted on a self-leveling sealed tripod.

Mr. King said the Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope has an 8-inch reflector that brings Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system and the fifth in distance from the sun, into view at the size of a quarter.

He said he had planned to lend the telescope to the Bear Branch Nature Center planetarium in late March and April to be used with a solar system art show.

Mr. King said the 75-pound instrument "is so delicate it could be severely damaged if it was thrown on the seat of a vehicle or bounced around in the back of a truck."

"I used it extensively during the summer and warmer months to study the solar system and could see many craters on the moon too small for the human eye," he said. "I surely miss it already."

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