School calendar could require further revision

March 03, 1994

...TC The more things change, the more they may need to change again. Take the Anne Arundel County school calendar, amended last week and a candidate to be amended again.

"We have to go back and look at it again," Dr. Carol S. Parham, superintendent of schools, said yesterday. "Clearly, we certainly are going to have to add on another day."

With school closed yesterday, students have been shut out for nine days so far.

The Anne Arundel County school board voted last month to change the calendar to accommodate four snow days -- that is, four beyond the four already built into the school year.

Spring break shrank to become a four-day vacation when Thursday, March 31, became a school day. Schools will close only Friday, April 1 and Monday, April 4, two state-mandated holidays.

But though classes were to end Tuesday, June 14, they were extended through June 17, the end of that week, allowing school to end neatly on a Friday -- an end that may not come to pass.

The state requires students to have 180 days of school. For the State Department of Education to consider allowing a school system to have fewer days due to emergency closings, the system must first modify its calendar and add five days, Dr. Parham said.

The later schools go into June, the more likely it is that weather again will be a factor: about half of the schools are not air-conditioned. In addition, pushing into the week of June 20 starts to interfere with summer schedules. But seniors need not get too concerned. They are scheduled to get out May 26.

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