Speros plays name game but will he suit it up?

March 01, 1994|By Ken Murray

Baltimore's Canadian Football League franchise gets a name today. The question is whether it will stick.

Jim Speros, owner of the expansion team, is expected to announce his choice of nickname and logo in a news conference this morning. His options appear to be Colts, Stallions, Bombers, Silver Colts, Fighting Colts and lawsuit.

Alleging a trademark infringement, the NFL has threatened to take Speros to court if he chooses Colts. A federal court injunction could leave the team nameless for a period of time. Nevertheless, Speros might be willing to call the NFL's legal bluff to give the fans what they have wanted most --the Colts name back, or at least a version of it.

"I think the people of Baltimore will be happy with the name we choose," Speros said yesterday. "We've got to make sure there's no conflict, no misconception whether it's the CFL or the NFL."

Asked if he felt he had skirted the legal issue, he said, "I think I have.

"I think we've done things with the name to protect ourselves, and we did them for reasons of staying out of court."

CFL commissioner Larry Smith and vice president for communications Mike Murray are expected to attend today's news conference.

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