Hawk Ridge Farm developer asks Sykesville to reduce bond

March 01, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Sykesville officials said last night that they will consult the town attorney before they take action on a bond reduction request from the developer of Hawk Ridge Farm.

The developer, Powers Homes, is asking the town to reduce its bond from $400,000 to $93,000 for Section III of the development, which eventually will contain several hundred homes.

Town Manager James L. Schumacher said the town would not reduce the bond below $120,000.

"Normal policy says we don't have to take action immediately on the request," Mr. Schumacher said.

Section III is nearly completed, but the homes there have had drainage problems for almost 18 months. Residents have complained repeatedly to the town about the problems, and the town has issued several stop-work orders on construction. None of the orders is in effect now.

"Can we hold the entire bond until the drainage is improved?" asked Councilman Bill Hall.

Mr. Schumacher responded that the town attorney should be consulted before the council takes such an action.

Councilman Jonathan Herman, who is chairman of the town Planning Commission, said several irate homeowners complained to the commission last month about storm water problems. He asked for "a date certain" when all repairs would be complete.

"Obviously, the builder can't do much while the ground is frozen, but the public has to know we are taking action on their requests," Mr. Herman said.

The council voted to allow the developer 30 days -- minus rain delays -- to build a storm drain pipe to alleviate the water problems.

"Our engineer and inspector have approved the pipe months ago," Mr. Schumacher said.

"All the developer has to do is get a price and get the work done. He could probably get it done in 48 hours."

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