Gun Proposals In The Legislature

March 01, 1994

The Judiciary Committee of the House of Delegates is considering more than 30 bills regarding the possession of guns or ammunition. Here are some of them.

HB 581, Administration Firearms Act of 1994:

This is the governor's bill. It would ban the sale of ammunition magazines that contain more than 20 bullets, ban the sale of 18 types of semiautomatic pistols and limit purchases of handguns and some assault weapons to one per person per month.

HB 1283, Maryland Comprehensive Gun Control Act:

This bill, the most sweeping of the legislative session, would require a photo license for any purchaser of a handgun, limit people to two handgun purchases a year, make anyone who violates gun-sale laws liable in civil court for any harm caused by the gun and ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons.

HB 977, Handguns -- Total Prohibition:

This bill, perhaps the most radical, would ban the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession or use of handguns and handgun ammunition by 1995, and would exempt the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, security guard services and licensed handgun clubs.

HB 951, Declaration of Rights -- The Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

This bill proposes an amendment to the Maryland Constitution guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, and for recreational and hunting purposes.

HB 9, Handgun Permits -- Course Requirements -- Qualified instructors:

This bill would require that the state police issue permits to carry a handgun within 45 days after receipt of an application from an eligible person, instead of within a reasonable time. An applicant for a permit would have to be 21 years old instead of 18 and would have to be certified as having completed a handgun instruction course taught by a qualified instructor.

HB 1351, Handguns -- Use in Commission of Crime -- Sentencing:

This bill would increase the mandatory minimum sentence from five years to 10 years for a second or subsequent offense of using a handgun in the commission of a felony or violent crime.

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