An exchange at kid level

March 01, 1994|By Jim Haner | Jim Haner,Sun Staff Writer

Locking eyes, the mayor and the little girl conferred for a moment yesterday. The subject was civics: specifically, the symbolic significance of Police Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier's new hat -- the big white hat with the gold brim, glittering stars and miniature state flag on the front.

Alexandra Frazier, 5, strolled over to the hat moments after her father was sworn in at City Hall yesterday as Baltimore's new police chief. It was on a table next to Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke.

The mayor leaned down to kid level, asking, "Do you know whose hat that is?"

"Yes," Alexandra replied, shoveling a fistful of popcorn into her mouth. "It's my dad's."

"Do you like it?" the mayor asked.

"Yes," Alexandra said, "because it's all colored in and nobody else has one like it."

"Do you know what that is?" the mayor asked, pointing to the shield on the hat.

"Yes," Alexandra replied.

"It's the state flag of the state of Maryland," the mayor explained.

"I know," Alexandra replied.

"Of course you do," the mayor said.

"Thanks," Alexandra said.

"Thank you," the mayor said.

"OK," Alexandra said.

The mayor laughed. And the little girl whirled around and walked away, trailing popcorn in her wake.

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