Poetry on the move

March 01, 1994

Indian Spirit Poem


Everything learns from something else;

The snow taught the mountain how to sway.

Seaweed told the people how to tickle,

and the giggles from the ticklish people

were so loud, they reached the sun.

The clouds in the sky told secrets to one another,

And from being around the clouds so long,

the wind learned how to whisper;

By watching the rainbows, gold learned how to glitter.

Everything learns from something else,

and this is how the world is.

Elissa Prichep,

eighth grade,

Severn River Junior High,

# Anne Arundel County



People are depending on us children

They think we are the future

But we are trying hard

To keep the future on

We will not let them down

Or we will not let ourselves down

For the future

Stanley Jackson,

sixth grade,

, West Baltimore Middle School

No One Seems To Hear Me

I am a library

without any books.

I am a book

without any words.

I am a piano

without any keys.

I am the sun

without any light.

I've screamed and I've hollered

With all my might.

But nobody seems to hear me.

Keisha Miles,

seventh grade,

Roland Park Middle School,


This Is Just

to say

I have

lost the day

I do not


where it went

I thought it

was a piece

of lint

it must have

not been a

good day

to be


right away

Jared Farley,

eighth grade,

Deer Park

Middle School,

Baltimore County

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