Dan Delany, 16, of Annapolis High...


February 28, 1994

Dan Delany, 16, of Annapolis High School

Accomplishments/Interests: One reason Dan Delany wants to be on the Anne Arundel County school board has to do with his sister, Kristina, who's 10.

"My sister's school, West Annapolis Elementary, has one of the oldest libraries I've ever seen," he said. "The newest encyclopedia they have is from the 1970s. I think the board should focus more on elementary schools than on senior highs. High school students have been through it, and pretty much know the direction they're going. But you need to get the elementary students interested in education so they'll continue on to high school."

A 16-year-old junior this year at Annapolis High School, Dan also says he wants to be in a position to make decisions about the school system budget and policies.

"I think the board members try too hard to be unbiased. Sometimes when you try too hard to be unbiased, you're stuck. If you can't take a side, you can't make a decision," he said.

Besides, Dan said, "I like to argue. I'll argue anything."

Dan has become involved in his school, from chorus to the school's recycling club. He also serves as the recording secretary for the school's Student Government Association and the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils.

In addition, he and several friends publish a magazine called Apollo 9.

"It's a political magazine," he says. "People write in about what bothers them about the country and the world. We just started it this year. I wrote a few articles for it, and my friend Hope asked me if I wanted to help publish."

Dan works about 20 hours a week at the Country Sunshine Market, a health food store. He said he likes the job because he gets to meet a lot of interesting people.

He's already given some thought to what he'll do when he graduates from high school. He's considering attending Anne Arundel Community College, then transferring to St. John's College in Annapolis.

Comments: What are his plans after college?

"I don't really look that much into the future," said Dan. "I live for the day more than anything else."

This is the second in a series of articles profiling the four students running for the Anne Arundel County school board, the only one in the state that allows the student who serves to have full voting privileges. The election is March 17.

"Student Spotlight" is compiled by Kevin Harrison. To contact him with suggestions or recommendations for this feature, call the Anne Arundel Bureau at 315-8911 or fax the information to 315-8916; or mail suggestions to: The Sun For Anne Arundel, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Pasadena, Md. 21122.

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