Why Pension Foes Will PrevailThink of this for a moment...


February 27, 1994

Why Pension Foes Will Prevail

Think of this for a moment: The editorial staff of The Sun (Feb. 15) has pre-empted the judicial system. They have mandated via opinion (theirs) that a lower court ruling "made mincemeat of every one of the [taxpayers'] feeble arguments" in a legal action which sought to declare the elected and appointed officials' pension plan unconstitutionally enacted and that an appeal in this case has virtually no chance of winning.

Forget that the taxpayers are now faced with a $14 million current bailout of this pension plan. . . . Forget that all of these politicians now say they were not well-informed of the probable financial consequences. . . .

Forget that the county auditor said that he knew that the pension plan would be a financial burden and the reason he did not protest was that he could count to four -- meaning what's the use, it would pass because Democrat council members wanted it. . . .

Forget that the Pension Oversight Committee (actually only five of nine) did not meet in person to discuss the pension plan, but instead had a telephone conference without financial reports available to them until after their telephone vote.

Forget that this violates the state's open meeting law. . . .

Forget that the Constitution requires notice to "taxpayers and citizens . . . once a week for two successive weeks prior to enactment" of an ordinance, by County Council, and that only seven days, at most, passed.

Forget that before the last day of notice of publication ended (even if seven days somehow equated to two weeks or 14 days), the Democrat council unanimously approved the pension plan on that same date.

Forget that a legal treatise approved and oft-quoted by our highest Court of Appeals says voting on a bill on the same day taxpayers are to receive notice is a legal no-no. . . .

Well, fellow taxpayers, forgetting all else, remember this. These sage and sagacious editorialists/legal scholars were of the opinion in 1990 that a lower court was right in ruling that the property tax cap was unconstitutional. And, lest these sage and noted editorialists/legal scholars forget, I remind them that the Maryland Court of Appeals agreed with my "feeble little argument" on behalf of the taxpayers and shall we say (in the words of the editorial staff) "made mincemeat" of that lower court's ruling. Keep the faith, fellow taxpayers, we will win this one, too. . . .

John R. Greiber Jr.


The writer is an attorney for the Anne Arundel County Taxpayers Association.

School Leadership and the Baron Report

I never cease to be amazed by the antics of the group of people on Riva Road who allegedly represent our children's best interests -- aka the Anne Arundel County Board of Education.

Regarding the appointment of Carol Parham, I find it incredulous that she would even be considered for the position of superintendent in as much as she was implicated in the Phase I Baron Report (pages 18 and 25). In her position as director of human resources, she failed to follow through on two separate cases involving physical abuse and sexual harassment, according to investigator Alan Baron.

Why, while she was acting interim superintendent, was Principal Joseph Carducci still perched on high at Northeast, while other pivotal characters in this scandal, including former superintendent C. Berry Carter, are gone? Why has Ms. Parham chosen to ignore the recommendations of the Baron report, failing to explain to the public the implications thereof or make provisions for said in her proposed budget?

If she is the leader that some have touted, why did Ms. Parham make the dubious decision to cooperate with NBC news producers, targeting students for on-camera interviews as well as letting camera crews inside Northeast to film the doors behind which Ron Price did his dirty deeds? This decision shows her sensitivity, similar to that of Ron Price when "Geraldo!" was taped. This "leadership" decision shows that she hasn't a clue as to what is best for the children of Anne Arundel County, at least not my children. . . .

Nothing inside Riva Road indicates to me that they give a fig about my child or her education. . . . Parents in this county need to grow a spine, for without parental pressure change will not occur.

D. S. Huffman



I am writing in response to an article in the Feb. 8 issue of The Sun for Anne Arundel County written by Andrea Siegel. As a parent of two children in Northeast High School, I have obviously been following most of the stories about the Price "scandal." I was at the meeting that was held this month about the Baron report.

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