25 Years Ago (Week of Feb. 16-22, 1969):* University of...


February 27, 1994|By Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the Howard County Historical Society library.

25 Years Ago (Week of Feb. 16-22, 1969):

* University of Maryland Pharmacy School students conducted an experiment at Ellicott City Middle School to demonstrate to students the hazards of glue sniffing. A healthy mouse was enclosed for eight minutes in a jar saturated with glue vapors. The mouse rapidly lost control of body movements and within a (( few minutes was trembling convulsively. The pharmacy students were careful to remove the mouse from the vapor-filled jar quickly and explain that the rodent had suffered "no permanent damage."

50 Years Ago (Week of Feb. 20-26, 1944):

* William Myerly was named as Howard County assessor under a new system set up by the Maryland State Tax Commission. Mr. Myerly had previously served as supervisor of assessments for the county.

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