Do we need this kind of help against crime?

February 25, 1994|By MIKE ROYKO

After dozens of old people were robbed, beaten, raped and murdered at the Sunset Homes, the large public housing complex on Chicago's North Side, a new security company was hired.

The new guards are big, strong, stern and tough. With their thick necks and shaved heads, they have a menacing appearance.

And in a very brief time, criminal thugs decided that it was risky to prey on the residents of the housing for the elderly.

Because of the presence of the new guards from the Quick Hurt Agency, there has been a sharp decline in the crime rate at Sunset Homes.

However, a problem has arisen.

It turns out that the Quick Hurt Agency is owned by the controversial Adolf H. Glutzz.

As you probably know, Glutzz is the head of the Nation of Blue Eyes. Actually, his organization accepts people with eyes that are brown, hazel, green and other eye colors, so long as their skin is white.

If you have heard him speak, you know that Glutzz is a spellbinding orator. But his message troubles many people.

In the hundreds of speeches he has made at colleges and meetings of his followers, Glutzz repeats his slogan: "If you're white, you're all right. If you're black, I'll give you a whack."

Glutzz blames most of society's problems on African-Americans and often describes them as "kinky-haired devils, good for nothing but having babies and slam-dunking basketballs."

He aroused outrage in a recent speech when he ridiculed prominent blacks, describing the late Harold Washington as "Mayor Fat Boy," Oprah Winfrey as "somebody who ought to be on a pancake mix box" and the late Martin Luther King as "a man whose name is an insult to a good white Lutheran."

After Mr. T, the muscular television actor, bought a home in a wealthy suburb and cut down dozens of trees, Glutzz said: "Because of his African ancestry, Mr. T has a genetic fear of what might be hiding in trees: snakes, leopards, apes and such. That's why you will never have beautiful trees in the inner city."

What many people find most alarming about Glutzz is the enthusiastic response he receives from white college audiences. They stand and cheer when he says: "If God wanted us to have dark skin, why did God give us suntan lotion?"

However, his defenders say that despite his provocative views, he has redeeming qualities. They point to the many scruffy young white men -- bums and other social outcasts -- who join the Nation of Blue Eyes. After their heads are shaved and they learn kung fu and how to scowl and click their heels, they become exemplary citizens.

But his critics say that his dangerously incendiary views outweigh any social good he might accomplish.

To which he says: "I am a victim of a conspiracy between blacks, liberals, the NAACP, the Urban League, Asians, Indians and all the other racial off-brands who are the bloodsuckers taking over all the federal entitlement plans."

So there has been an ear-splitting outcry over a Glutzz company receiving a government contract to provide security service at -- the Sunset Homes. Politicians, civic leaders and the media have been in a rage.

But the officials who gave the Glutzz company the contract say: "All we know is that they are getting the job done. And that's what counts."

It is possible that you have never heard of Glutzz, his movement or any of the above.

Sure. That's because it is a lot of nonsense and I made it all up.

But if it were true, you'd know it. By now, there would be so much public outrage that Glutzz would not have a contract to guard public housing, and those who hired him would be in deep remorse. All of which would be justified, since it would be unthinkable to give public contracts to someone from a bigoted, despicable movement.

Yet, in real life, there was little more than a public murmur when the Chicago Housing Authority gave a guard-service contract to an outfit that is part of Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam.

By now, just about everyone knows that Farrakhan is this nTC country's most prominent bigot. He baits and appears to hate Jews, Catholics and anyone who happened to be born white. When his top deputy made an incredibly hateful speech to cheering black college students, Farrakhan said he didn't like the way the speech was phrased, but he didn't disagree with the message. Case closed. Farrakhan is little more than a black Nazi.

But Vince Lane, the head of the CHA, says there is nothing wrong with hiring a branch of Farrakhan's movement to guard a housing project. They get the job done.

What bunk. The Gestapo got the job done. Adolf Eichmann got the job done. Stalin got the job done. The KGB got the job done. A lynch mob can get the job done.

And my fictional racist Glutzz and his skinheads would get the job done.

There are others who can get the job done, and they are not professional hate-peddlers.

On less moral terms, we're also talking about taxpayers' money. As someone who pays taxes, I don't want it spent to give employment and, even worse, the veneer of respectability, to anything connected with a smirking hater like Farrakhan.

The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a resolution denouncing the Farrakhan deputy's speech. It is the first time in that body's history that such a resolution has been passed.

But in Chicago, we put Farrakhan's mugs on the public payroll.

And we thought the Al Capone legacy was an embarrassment?

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