The sweetest branch of the family


February 25, 1994|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

OK! Enough of this slush! Between the ice storms and melting snow, I haven't built a snow person this year. Argh! Can it really be winter without a snowman or a snow bunny? The wise among you will quickly realize that snow bunnies go up much faster than snow men. All you need is a large snowball and magnolia leaves for the ears. A few leaves weren't all that fell from the magnolia last week, a 6-foot branch did, too.

My niece and nephew, home with me during the school closings, firmly believe that if life gives you free lemons, you make lemonade. Or, in this case, if winter gives you a fallen evergreen branch, you stand it in the house as a Valentine's Day tree. They trimmed it with pink and green leftover Christmas lights, and pasted on Valentine's cards, extra foil hearts and white chocolate lollipops. It was a lovely way to celebrate being home from school and being confined indoors.


All singing, all dancing, all weekend! Hammond High school puts on a production of "The Sound of Music" this weekend and next. Those who remember the story realize that the tale of a singing family's exit from Nazi Austria requires some fine singing and a cast that includes children, or very short high-schoolers. The Hammond production includes Angela Pipitone, a Forest Ridge second-grader, and Kerri Whitman, a Hammond Elementary fourth-grader, both playing the role of Gretel. Performances are today and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Additional performances will be March 4-5 at 7:30 p.m.

Come cure cabin fever at Hammond High.


Craig Anthony Bannister comes to the Savage Library at 1 p.m. tomorrow to tell stories. Mr Bannister tells vivid, vibrant tales from the tapestry of the Black American experience. The family program, recommended for those over 5 years old, lasts for 45 minutes of magical delight. Call the library at 880-5978 to let them know you are coming.


The North Laurel Civic Association will hold its monthly meeting in the Laurel Woods Elementary cafeteria Tuesday. The change in the meeting site is to accommodate those who want to hear from Redskins representative Walter Lynch about how the proposed stadium will affect Howard Countians who live near the complex. Dr. Charles Ecker, Shane Pendergrass and John Morgan also will attend.

There will be a question-and-answer period to address residents' concerns. The meeting begins promptly at 7 p.m.


Be on the lookout tomorrow for members of Cub Scout Pack 345 running from door to door leaving bags for the Scouting for Food program. The Cubs will drop off plastic bags which area residents can fill with nonperishable food donations. The Cub Scouts will return to pick up the bulging bags March 6.

It's been a hard winter for many of us, and the local shelter's cupboards are getting empty.


The Savage Boys and Girls Club basketball scores and standings from this week include the following highlights: In the instructional league for 7- to 9-year olds, Coach Paul Wilkinson's White team remains undefeated after five weeks. In a 23-19 game, Andrew Zavage, Brian Cunningham and Keegan Wilkinson led scoring for the Whites against great performances by Brian Nagle, Brent Stewart and Jordan Kaupa of Jeff Kaupa Greens.

Paul Johnson's powerful Gold team also remains undefeated after five games. Todd Loisel, Mark Nowacek, Adam Arcerio and Robbie Huber led over Brian Briggs, Christopher Kelly and Kim Myrick of Mark Briggs' Blue team.

In the Juniors league, Paul Loisel's Gold Team defeated Bill Jordan's Black team, 34-31, in an exciting game that was in doubt until the final seconds. Ryan Loisel, Nathan Heath and Jay Morgan led the Golds to victory. Brian Boone and Paul Thompson turned in stellar performances for the Blacks.

Bruce Strohl's White team remained undefeated after five weeks with a win over Rob Floyd's Maroon team. Chris Bodenner, Todd Gledhill, Ryan Strohl and Chris Trigger of the Whites led a balanced attack against Jason Harriman, Eric Owens and Jeff Hutcheson of the Maroons.

Scott Ryan's Light Blues remain undefeated after meeting with Gary Stewart's Dark Blues last Saturday. John Brown, David Smith and Scott Regan led the Lights against solid playing by Brad Stewart, July Cleary and David Ortiz of the Darks.

Bill Riley's Orange team beat Paul Johnsen's Green team, 34-26. Clayton Floyd scored 20 points for the Orange, assisted by Brandon Boring and Chris Riley. Steve Pyles, Joe Zowd and Chris Johnsen led Greens scoring.

As the players get older, the scoring gets faster and more furious. You can tell from the game scores in the intermediate league. On Valentine's Day, Jerry Rushing's team defeated Jerry Ryan's, 36-25. Mike Ericson, Pat Gelinas Jay Rushing and Lance Rutledge led over Michael Ryan, Brian Hurford and Earl Kelly, Jr.

Brian Bixler's team defeated Jerry Paugh's, 45-34. Scott Ellis led scoring for Coach Bixler's team with 21 points, assisted by Andrew Bixler and Brad Parlette. Colin Hores, Justin Speigle and Steven Gluth led Coach Paugh's team. Coach Bixler's team also won later in the week over Gary Lane's, 55-26. Kasey Guss and Scott Ellis led the winners over the efforts of Brian Strauss and Eric Groenthal.

In the Senior League, Alan Fetting's team defeated Chuck Wilson's team, 71-53, in a fast-paced game. Coach Fetting's players Kenny Grant and Jacob Fetting led with 33 and 19 points, respectively, over Mike Moore and Michael Greening, who scored 17 land 15 points, respectively, for Coach Wilson's team.

Gary Lane's team beat Ralph Lee's, 63-36, with Kevin Price, Bobby Shifflett, Jesse Ellis, Chris Claudy and Chris Hinds turning in notable performances.

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