Basketball* Senior Division -- Brian Steiger led all...


February 24, 1994|By Mike Nortrup


* Senior Division -- Brian Steiger led all scorers with 16 points, but his Yellow team still dropped a 58-37 decision to Grey. Dave Buerline had seven points. Joe Kafchinski and Brad Manone paced Grey's attack with 13 and 10 points, respectively.

Grey clinched the Senior Division title with a 60-40 win over Green. Kafchinski's 12 points led Grey (6-2). Mike Sheehan tacked on 11 points for the winners. Vince Vaccare had 10 for Green.

Travis Foote scored 13 points and Vaccare, 12, to spur Green's 65-52 victory over Blue. Blue's Mike Dolan paced all scorers with 15 points. Shawn Jensen added 12.

Black topped Blue, 68-47. Darnell Brockington scored 22 points for the winners, and T. J. Cooke added 20. Shawn Lemmer scored 18 for Blue, and Jimmy Smutek added nine.

Blue beat Green, 49-43. Mike Dolan scored 30 for the winners, and Nick Nappier scored 13 for Green.

Gold edged Grey, 36-35. Brian Steiger scored 16 for Gold, and Steve James added seven. Jason Dunbar had 16 for Grey, and Kafchinski, nine.

* Men's Division -- The Bullets beat the Rockets, 54-52, as Mike Pauley paced the winners with 23 points and Carl Richard added 10. Andy Underwood had 15 points for the Rockets.

Troy Warehime scored 28 points and Tom Becker added 27, as the Suns beat the Warriors, 79-70. Steve and Larry Bosley had 22 and 14 points, respectively, for the Warriors.

The Knicks topped the Spurs, 66-61. Kevin White paced the winners with 25 points, and John Bradford added 14. Eric Nowicki scored 25 points for the Spurs and Scott Cassell, 13.

Mike Lynch threw in 23 points and Chris Kiger added 20, as the Bullets nipped the Sonics, 71-70. The Sonics' Tim Warehime led all scorers with 24 points, and Denny Snyder added 23.

The Warriors edged the Bulls, 64-63. Larry Bosley's 21 points paced the winners, and Bill Jenn added 18. Mike Pauley had 19 for the Bulls.

The Rockets slipped past the Knicks, 51-50, despite 27 points from the Knicks' Kevin White. Andy Underwood sparked the Rockets' attack with 19 points, and Scott Richards tacked on 13.

The Suns outshot the Bullets, 79-68. The Bullets' Mike Lynch led all scorers with 27 points. Warehime scored 22 for the Suns, and Tom Becker added 18.

The Sonics defeated the Suns, 57-49. Kreg Keeney paced the winners with 17 points, and Stan Ford added 14. Nowicki led all scorers with 21 points; Cassell added 13.

* Prep Division -- White clinched the regular-season title with a 37-33 win over Red. Alex Hafer had 12 points for the champs (9-0) and Bill Wilson, seven. Red's Ken Clark led all scorers with 14 points, and Mike Pearsall added six.

Gold topped Blue, 47-42, behind a 23-point performance by Keith Sullivan. Will Frankton supported with 10 points for Gold. Tim Forrestor scored 16 points for Blue and Jared Hudson, 12.

Jeremy Shurak scored 17 points to lead Black to a 41-33 victory over Green. Mike Lamont added 11 for the winners. Chad Blitz scored 17 for Green.

Red outscored Green, 50-42. Red's Ken Clark had a game-high 17 points, and Tony Lemmer tacked on 13. Matt Wilder scored 14 points for Green, Blitz, 13, and Dave Holloway, 12.

White got past Blue, 37-35. Craig Wentz and Bill Wilson scored 12 each to spark the winners. Hudson had 14 for Blue. Forrestor and Ryan Swinton added six each.

Black stopped Gold, 37-33, despite a game-high 23 points from Gold's Sullivan. Jeremy Shurak scored 17 for Black.

* K-2 -- In a showdown of unbeatens in the St. John's League, the Lions nipped the Magic, 10-9. The Lions' John Clayton led scorers with eight points.

The Spurs defeated the Cavs, 16-12. Matt Duke scored eight for the Spurs; Jeff Baumiller had six for the Cavs.

Brady Smith and Corey Mills each scored four points, as the Heat topped the Panthers, 16-9. Adam VanLeeuwen scored four for the Panthers.

The Hornets topped the Eagles, 11-7. Matt Schaeffer and Brett Bonneville scored four each for the winners.

Mike Nusbaum scored all his team's points, but it wasn't enough, as the Owls got past his Terrors, 12-10. Kevin Teal scored four for the Owls.

* Grades 3-4 -- The first-place Spurs produced a 19-12 victory over the Pistons. Mike Baisoma, Robby Wittstadt and Joey Litchka paced a balanced attack for the Spurs (6-0-1), with four points apiece. Stephen Evans had six for the Pistons.

The Celtics defeated the Rockets, 26-18. The Celts' Daniel Erbe and Rockets' Dan Baumiller paced their teams with eight points each.

Sean Brewer scored the winning basket in overtime, as the Jazz topped the Knicks, 20-18. Brewer and Scott Duckett scored eight each for the Jazz. Billy Lennon had 10 for the Knicks, who were tied 18-18 with the Jazz at the end of regulation.

The Sonics defeated the Suns, 20-9. Marcus Frisby led the winners with six points; R. C. Carnegie had seven for the Suns.

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