Work-release inmate at large after escapeAn inmate on...

February 23, 1994

Work-release inmate at large after escape

An inmate on work-release from the Anne Arundel County Detention Center remains at large after his escape Friday afternoon during a trip to the Maryland National Bank branch at Church Circle in Annapolis, according to authorities.

Arnold Brown, 39, who lives on Fleet Street in Annapolis, fled from custody about 1:15 p.m. Friday, work-release counselor Michael Okocha told county police.

Robin Harting, deputy commissioner at the Detention Center, said escape charges were filed against Brown on Friday evening. She said Brown was awaiting trial for allegedly violating his probation for a burglary conviction. He was in the work-release program by court order.

Ms. Harting said Brown was able to escape even though he was accompanied by a Detention Center employee.

"We don't allow inmates to go on these sorts of trips by themselves. That's why Mr. Okocha went with him. He [Brown] went in one door and out the other."

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