Balkan Update

February 22, 1994

Last night, U.N. Maj. Rob Annink said all Serb heavy weapon sites had been visited and either brought under U.N. control or had the weapons withdrawn.

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic said in Pale that his forces would only use their withdrawn weapons for self-defense, not employ them against other towns.

NATO warplanes flew over Sarajevo on reconnaissance missions, providing audible warning of what could still happen.

Today in Bonn, Germany, officials from the United States, United Nations, Europe and Russia will work on next steps in Bosnia.

Crowds were out in Sarajevo's snowy streets yesterday, enjoying the peace. Relief airlifts and convoys, suspended for one day as a precaution, will resume today. Some 60 to 70 U.N. relief workers will return to posts they left as the air-strike deadline approached.

The Muslim-led Bosnian government said there was still fighting around the government-held town of BIHAC

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