Sorting out the rest of the clan takes a scorecard Jacksons: A family of singers and also-sangs

February 22, 1994|By J.D. Considine | J.D. Considine,Sun Pop Music Critic

Some show biz families are fairly easy to sort out. It doesn't take a subscription to People to know the difference between Wynonna and Ashley Judd (one sings, the other doesn't), Eric and Julia Roberts (she's the one married to Lyle Lovett), or Tom and Dick Smothers (Mom always liked Dick best).

Working On: The solo album he's been promising since 1984.


Full Name: Steven Randall Jackson

Family Rank: Second youngest (born Oct. 29, 1961)

Musical Role: Conga, keyboards; replaced Jermaine in Jacksons.

Last Hit: Randy & the Gypsys (Jan. 1990; did not chart)

Working On: Convincing record companies he really was in the Jacksons.


Full Name: Maureen Jackson

Family Rank: Eldest (born May 29, 1950)

Musical Role: Stayed out of the band.

Last Hit: "Centipede" (No. 24, Dec. 1984)

Working On: Reminding people that she had married and moved out of the house before the Jacksons hit it big.


Full Name: Marlon David Jackson

Family Rank: Fourth youngest (born Mar. 12, 1957)

Musical Role: Singer

Last Hit: Solo album, "Baby Tonight" (No. 188, 1987)

0 Working On: Stealing the spotlight from Tito


Full Name: Sigmund Esco Jackson

Family Rank: Second oldest (born May 4, 1951)

Musical Role: Singer

Last Hit: None

Working On: Convincing Michael that a Jackson Five reunion would be just the thing to put that bad publicity behind him.

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