North Harford Needs A ZoneI am a student at North Harford...


February 20, 1994

North Harford Needs A Zone

I am a student at North Harford Middle School and I believe we should have a North Harford zone. We have many secondary roads that kids live on that are very slippery and icy when other roads in Harford County are not. My bus normally picks me up at 7:15 a.m. The week of Jan. 23 it picked me up at 7:25 a.m. because the route consists mostly of secondary roads.

. . . When the weatherman says it will be 20 degrees in Bel Air, it most likely will be colder in the North Harford area. Therefore, ice can form more quickly on the roads. Often, the county's other roads are in good condition and safe when ours are not.

Meghan Ayers


Earlier Reports

I am disturbed by how late Harford County announces school delays and closings. I get up at 5:30 a.m., and they don't make the announcement until at least 5:45. Most students are halfway through their showers when one of their parents comes in and tells them that they can go back to sleep.

. . . If whoever calls the radio stations could call earlier with the announcements people would be able to sleep longer. It might also help if they called the stations the night before when they knew for sure they would close or delay schools the next day. All in all, it would benefit a lot of school children.

Allyson Neville

White Hall

Illegal Taxation

According to an editorial in The Sun ("The Toll of Harford's Road Tax," Jan. 28), Harford County is facing an illegal taxation charge over its trash-tipping fee and has just seen a road improvement fee struck down. Additionally, a class-action lawsuit has been filed that could cost county citizens billions of dollars. The suit challenges the county's demand for right-of-way property as well as its collection of improvement taxes to be kept in escrow accounts.

Last year's auditor's report discovered undocumented funds in those accounts that had been collected from developers for facilities and roads that had never been built. This kind of shoddy, inefficient bookkeeping is enough to make Harford County's government look embarrassingly amateurish. However, when the powers that be resort to playing word games with fees and taxes to increase revenue, their constituency has to wonder, once again, how stupid their elected officials think they are.

The council got caught with its hand in the citizens' cookie jar, and will, it appears, cost the county quite a bit with its attempts to circumvent the system. We can only hope that any scam they come up with to cover the costs of their illegal taxation fiascos will be less clumsy than the last. We, the taxpayers, deserve more for our entertainment dollar.

Frank W. Soltis


Naval Cheating

I am writing to you to express my point about the cheating scandal at the U.S. Naval Academy. I feel that these men have given the academy a bad reputation. The academy is now the laughing stock of the world. Their punishment, I think, should be taken to the fullest.

Since I was 5 years old, I've dreamed of being a student and graduating from the Naval Academy. It has been my goal for eight years. Now I'm faced with the fact that the Naval Academy will be much stricter because of this incident. . . . Any man or woman who cheats truly is stupid. How will you ever learn anything if it isn't work?

Chad Christensen


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