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February 20, 1994

ANNAPOLIS -- The House Judiciary Committee has defeated two bills sponsored by Carroll Del. Richard C. Matthews, a District 5A Republican.

The bills were:

* Drunken driving. House Bill 186 would have lowered the blood-alcohol level at which a motorist is considered drunk to 0.08 percent, from 0.10 percent.

* Parole. House Bill 359 would have abolished the state parole system.

Senate approves bills on drug crime, condos

ANNAPOLIS -- Two measures sponsored by Carroll Sen. Larry E. Haines, a Republican, passed the Senate and have been sent to the House for a committee hearing. The bills are:

* Drug-related crime. Senate Bill 51 would make it a felony for an adult to bring a minor into Maryland to sell drugs.

The measure also passed the Senate last year but was defeated by five votes in a House committee.

* Condominium repairs. Senate Bill 52 would give condominium owners more protection against contractors who do shoddy work. The bill would allow the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to regulate contractors who work on individual condos.

Hampstead resident Regina Tully asked Mr. Haines to introduce the bill.

Panel softens measure on drug smuggling


ANNAPOLIS -- The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted last week to amend a drug-related bill sponsored by Sen. Larry E. Haines, a Carroll Republican, to make it less harsh.

The committee voted unanimously to approve the bill after changing it.

In Senate Bill 75, Mr. Haines proposed allowing authorities to file felony charges against anyone found smuggling 10 pounds or more of marijuana into Maryland.

The committee increased the amount to 50 pounds.

Current law says felony charges can be filed only against someone found to be smuggling 100 pounds or more of marijuana.

Also last week, the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee killed a measure introduced by Mr. Haines to reduce the capital gains tax on investments held six months or longer.

Senate Bill 204 would have reduced the amount of profit taxed to 50 percent, from 100 percent.

Committee rejects rental property bill


ANNAPOLIS -- The House Judiciary Committee voted Feb. 14 to kill a bill sponsored by Carroll Del. Donald B. Elliott, a District 4B Republican, concerning rental property.

House Bill 383 would have made a person who did not return rental property liable for damages.

A Carroll resident who owns a videotape store requested the bill.

Matthews' bills on drunk driving, parole system fail


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