Violent crime in Annapolis increased 2% last year

February 20, 1994|By Liz Atwood | Liz Atwood,Sun Staff Writer

Although the numbers don't compare with those of Baltimore, even in Annapolis, violent crime is increasing.

According to statistics released by the city police Friday, serious crimes in 1993 increased 2 percent compared with 1992, led by increases in murder, robbery and aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, the number of arrests and number of crimes solved fell.

Because the numbers are small, the percentages can be misleading. Murder, for example, increased 100 percent in 1993. But the number of murders rose from two to four, all of which were solved.

Robberies increased 6 percent, from 190 to 201. Aggravated assaultgrew by 1 percent, from 272 to 276.

In the other serious crime category, the number of reported rapes fell from 31 to 26 -- a 16 percent drop.

Overall crime was down 5 percent.

Motor vehicle thefts increased from 122 in 1992 to 142 in 1993, a 16 percent increase. But burglaries fell from 609 to 552, and larcenies declined from 1,693 to 1,559,

"A lot of these numbers are reflective of increased reporting," said police spokesman Lt. Gary Simpson.

But he did not know why the number of arrests and the percentage of cases solved declined between 1992 and 1993.

Police arrested 2,826 adults and juveniles in 1993, compared with 3,006 in 1992.

Police solved 667 of 2,760 cases, or 24 percent, in 1993, compared with 966 of 2,919 cases, or 33 percent, in 1992.

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