Virginia "Ginni" Walsh, 54, of Long Reach in...


February 20, 1994

Virginia "Ginni" Walsh, 54, of Long Reach in Columbia.

Hobbies and other activities: Mrs. Walsh has volunteered with Project Literacy for the past six years, tutoring at least seven clients during that time. She recently finished working with an elderly Chinese woman who spoke no English when she came to the organization. The woman wanted to become a U.S. citizen. )) Mrs. Walsh tutored her, transported her to Baltimore for her citizenship examination and then to the Inner Harbor for some sightseeing.

Mrs. Walsh now works with another Chinese woman who would like to improve her English so she can get a job. She also tutors a woman from Georgia who owns a cleaning business employing 800 people and wants to obtain her high school diploma.

Mrs. Walsh raises orchids and enjoys gardening and her aquarium fish. She also enjoys hand-stitching.

Organization's comments: "She was one of my first tutors in our first training session. Ginni has always worked with two clients at a time instead of one each year. In addition to being an excellent teacher and tutor, Ginni has also provided transportation for many of her clients. She always is ready to help them with other tasks or problems they may have in addition to tutoring them," said Janet Carsetti, Project Literacy director.

"Ginni worked with a young Chinese chef who spoke no English when he came to us. She picked him up to bring him to the library and then took him back to his place of employment. She was in constant search of providing him with the best material and techniques possible," Ms. Carsetti said.

"Ginni is an extremely hard-working, personable tutor who goes the extra mile for her clients."

Volunteer's comments: "Back in '87 I was looking around for some sort of community project to participate in. I read an article in the paper, and it clicked with me. And, having been a secretary and having English in my background, I thought I could help teach," said Mrs. Walsh.

"I like the idea of being able to sit down with another person and watch them grow. A lot of people can't do that in a large class setting. I enjoy working with Dr. Carsetti. We give more than teaching."

About Mrs. Walsh: She moved to Columbia in 1972. She has three daughters, Kathryn Steinbach, 31; Barbara McLaughlin, 27; and Elizabeth Walsh, 16. She is married to Jack Walsh, a program manager with Computer Science Corp. in Hanover.

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