From The Sun Feb. 20-26, 1844Feb. 26: We observed on...


February 20, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Feb. 20-26, 1844

Feb. 26: We observed on Saturday, in Centre Market, the first installment of hard crabs this season. They came from Norfolk, and it must be confessed that the time, 24th of February, is rather early for these marine visitors.

From The Sun Feb. 20-26, 1894

Feb. 20: Twenty-five new cars for the Lake Roland Elevated Railway arrived in Baltimore yesterday. The new cars are eighteen feet long and have four-foot platforms at each end.

From The Sun Feb. 20-26, 1944

Feb. 20: Gilmore D. Clarke and Jay Downer, highway experts engaged in the Federal Bureau of Public Roads to study #F proposed routes for an express highway through Baltimore, recommended in a report made some months ago that the Franklin Street freeway be constructed first, Mayor McKeldin announced yesterday.

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