CCC trustees assured of efforts to ensure equitable funding

February 18, 1994|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Sun Staff Writer

Carroll County commissioners assured the trustees of Carroll Community College yesterday that they would support all efforts to get equitable state money for the school.

Trustee Chairwoman Barbara Charnock has sent letters to the Carroll legislative delegation asking them to support putting another $3.3 million into the state budget for Carroll and eight other community colleges that are getting less than what they consider to be their share of the state formula.

Carroll County would receive $889,000 of that $3.3 million.

The college has been getting state money at a lower formula because it was affiliated with the larger Catonsville Community College until July 1993.

The smaller the college, the more the state pays per student.

Now that Carroll is independent, officials say it should qualify for a higher rate.

"It would be a real boon to the college to get this $889,000," said Ms. Charnock, "because then we would not need to ask the county for more funding."

And getting the state increase would eliminate the need for a planned $4 tuition increase to the current $48 per credit hour, she said.

"We need your continued support," she said. "You and the delegation have been so supportive."

All three commissioners praised the college for its growing programs, such as the new physical therapy assistant program, that are coming with the new independence.

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