Curbside recycling program to add corrugated cardboard

February 18, 1994

Sykesville residents can soon add corrugated cardboard to the recyclable materials collected at curbside once a week.

"It should be official after the next council meeting" on Feb. 28, said Eugene E. Johnson Jr., director of the town Public Works Department.

"We just have to make sure we can handle it all."

At the beginning of March, trash crews will begin collecting cardboard for recycling every Wednesday along with newspapers.

"We are interested in the heavy cardboard," said Vincent J. Diffenbaugh, town clerk-treasurer.

"We are looking to see where we get the most from businesses or residences."

The town has accepted cardboard from businesses for about a year.

"Usually, we have about 2 tons a month and it sells for about $30 a ton," said Mr. Johnson.

"There is a high demand for this material."

Crews feed the cardboard into the town baler and ship finished bales to Simpkins Industries in Ellicott City.

"They break it down and get the fibers back," said Mr. Johnson. "They can then make it into boxes."

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