A week to remember while looking ahead to spring and bunnies


February 18, 1994|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

What a crazy week!

On Monday's Valentine's Day we celebrated romantic love and lust; on Mardi Gras, we celebrated gluttony and on Wednesday we reminded ourselves of death and the afterlife on Ash Wednesday.

Quite a switch from love to death in only three days!

And now Easter and spring cannot be too far away; just five more weeks and we'll be surrounded by bunnies and jelly beans. As I chip my way out of the driveway, spring cannot come too soon.*

The Bollman Bridge Elementary Parent Teacher Association has another topical program at its February general meeting.

On Monday, Feb. 28, the PTA invites all interested parents (not just those who are part of BBES community) to a presentation on Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder.

Dr. Michael Tebeleff, director of child, youth and family services for Taylor Mental Health Services, will speak on the topic for 45-minutes, then answer questions from parents. Dr. Tebeleff is a specialist in ADHD and children.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the cafetorium. There is plenty of parking available at the school, located on Savage-Guilford Road in Savage.*

First Baptist Church of Savage has voted to endorse John and Eleanor Witcher as candidates for Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Witchers hope to begin their studies in religious education in the fall, with the goal of becoming missionaries.*

We hear much about business partnerships with local schools, but somehow we get the impression that it's only companies as large as IBM that can afford to do anything meaningful.

Not true, not true at all.

Dr. Nilesh Kansandra, a local dentist, has formed a partnership with Laurel Woods Elementary School's first grade to show the children about his specialty.

First grade is the year in which most youngsters begin to get their permanent teeth, and, while dental hygiene is important in preschoolers, it's vital when the permanent teeth arrive.

So, Wednesday, Dr. Kansandra will spend 90 minutes showing kids how to brush their teeth correctly (he's bringing new brushes for everyone), and he will show them how well they did, using tablets that turn the teeth red wherever the brush missed.*

The Laurel Woods first-graders are busy learning all about Mexico this semester, with the added assistance of Pat Picciano, the school's artist in residence. (See the related story on this page.)

Among other things, they've learned about migrating monarch butterflies. You'd recognize monarch butterflies easily: they are the bright orange ones with black edges that come here in midspring, and winter in Mexico.

There are two strains, one that migrates up the eastern seaboard, and one that migrates up the western.

In honor of the butterflies, and because it seemed like fun, all 110 first-graders have built orange wings and black antennae.

They intend to migrate around the school next week, half going clockwise and the other half withershins (how often in your life do you get to use that word?) to represent the two main monarch migration patterns.

Then it's back to the classroom for a nectar party. No doubt, the party will be followed by vigorous toothbrushing.*

This week, we are all watching the Winter Olympics. The figure skating is dazzling. Well, we have a highly regarded figure skating club in Howard County, the Columbia Figure Skating Club.

The spring show, Mary Poppins on Ice, will be presented March (( 26-27, roughly a month from now.

The spring performance features not only the club's own Top Hats and Toe Picks Show Troupe, but also guest skaters with national reputations.

Tickets for the regular performances are $8 per adult and $6 per child.

The club generously opens its technical dress rehearsal March 25 to members of nonprofit organizations, such as Scout troops, church groups, senior citizens clubs and the like, for a donation of $4 per person.

The rehearsal is a complete performance, with costumes, choreography and lights, just as in the performances.

However, there is no intermission in the 90-minute dress rehearsal, and some of the guest skaters might not be there due to scheduling.

Call the Columbia Ice Rink (410) 730-3760 for more information about tickets to this beautiful sport.*

Hammond High School's Parent Teacher Student Association holds a Parent/Teen seminar on teen driving Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. at the school. Among the topics covered are How to Convince Your Parents You Are Ready for Your License, How to Prepare for the License Examination.

This talk is sponsored by First Choice Driving School and by MADD's Victim Impact Panel.

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