In Bosnia has impelled many to talk of...


February 17, 1994

THE TRAGEDY in Bosnia has impelled many to talk of genocide and others to equate what is happening there to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. In the current issue of "Daedalus" magazine, Steven Muller, former president of Johns Hopkins, writes as follows:

"Anti-Semitism, xenophobia and genocide are anything but unique. What set the Holocaust apart was the unprecedented application of industrial technology and the factory-based manufacturing process to the extermination of several million human beings.

"This was neither a sudden, brief, and uncontrollable explosion of rage, nor merely the work of a few. Instead, what those who conceived and ordered this extermination called the 'Final Solution' was a systematically planned and efficiently executed program to create and operate a new industry solely and explicitly for the purpose of mass murder.

"Thousands of people were employed in this process: collecting and transporting the victims, storing and putting them to work while in storage, exterminating them, and disposing as productively as possible of any usable remains -- for example, fat drained from the cremation process was used to make soap.

"These thousands worked at such tasks not just for weeks or months, but for several years. Their work in the murder industry was the source of their daily bread."

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