Policeman shot suspect wounded in shoot-out

February 17, 1994|By Glenn Small and Larry Carson | Glenn Small and Larry Carson,Sun Staff Writers

A Baltimore County police sergeant was shot in the leg today, and his suspected assailant was severely wounded in a shootout with two plainclothes officers nearby in Rosedale.

Police said 20-year veteran Sgt. John D. Weber and Sgt. Richard Handshoe stopped a bright blue Datsun sports car on Pulaski Highway just inside the beltway about 9:15 a.m. after the Datsun suddenly pulled out in front of the police car.

A check of the car's license plate showed it was not registered in Maryland.

As Sergeant Weber approached the car, police said, the driver reached out the window and fired at least four shots from a semi-automatic handgun. He then sped off.

Sergeant Weber was wounded in the upper left leg, police said, and was listed in good condition at Key Medical Center.

The blue car sped eastward about three miles on U.S. 40, and turned onto Kelso Drive. There, the car entered Storage USA, a huge mini-storage facility in the 6100 block of Rossville Boulevard, close to the State Police's Golden Ring barracks.

Police said plainclothes Detective Vincent Romeo and Lt. George Rogers spotted the car and followed it in their unmarked vehicle.

They cornered the suspect inside the storage facility's property, and a gun battle ensued.

Witnesses said as many as 20 shots were exchanged. Bullets punctured the doors of the unmarked police car several times.

Police said the suspect, who had stopped next to a storage locker he had rented, crawled inside the locker after he was shot. Police rushed the locker and captured him there, recovering a handgun. Inside, police said, was another Datsun sports car.

The suspect, who was not immediately identified, was believed to be about 21 years of age. He was flown by State Police Medivac Helicopter to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in downtown Baltimore. Police are seeking a search warrant for the storage locker.

His condition was not immediately known; neither was the nature of his wounds.

The incident ended shortly before 10 a.m., police and witnesses said.

Josie Lowery, a storage lot attendant, said she saw the man drive into the lot. "He drove in in a little blue car," Ms. Lowery said.

A minute later, a Baltimore County police officer arrived and asked if the blue car were there, she said.

In a few minutes, she said, "I heard a whole lot of shots."

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