Elkridge: 6300 block of S. Hanover Road...


February 17, 1994


* Elkridge: 6300 block of S. Hanover Road: Thieves smashed the front glass door of The Other Lawn store on Monday morning and stole a utility truck which was loaded with a lawn tractor and other equipment.

* Ellicott City: 5400 block of Jerseybelle Court: A propane heater was taken on Monday from a house under construction after someone broke a front window, police said.

Main Street/Rogers Ave.: An undisclosed amount of cash, 30 cassette tapes and a cassette case were taken from a 1983 Oldsmobile on Monday. The stolen property was valued at $440, police said.

12200 block of Bonnet Brim Course: A rear window of a house under construction was broken Monday, but nothing was taken, police said.

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