A little consonant, a big commotion, ``A Current Affair' OLYMPICS '94 - A SPECTATOR'S SPORT

February 16, 1994|By Kevin Cowherd

Troubled medalist--At an emotional news conference, USA's Diann Roffe-Steinrotter, winner of women's Super-G, tearfully ripped her parents for failing to add much-needed 'e" to her first name.

She's even take a polygraph --Some 75 members of the media were hospitalized after falling down and laughing hysterically following Tonya Harding's statement that she appeared on "A Current Affair" not just for the money, but because she admires ** the show.

Later, asked to name the three individuals who inspired her most a child, Harding listed Mohandas K. Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt and Maury Povitch.

Someone check the rule book -- After back-to-back ties with mediocre French and Slovakian hockey teams, Team USA has declared "do-overs" and asked that its 0-0-2 record be wiped clean.

The request is considered highly unusual.

If it's not too much trouble -- Faced with the grueling 1,000-meter race Friday after his disastrous fall in the 500, speed skater Dan Jansen has asked Pope John Paul II to deliver a pre-race pep talk and sit with his family in the stands.

Norwegian made easy -- "VAR GAR DEN TONYA?"

"Which one is Tonya?"


"The one with the Marlboro?"

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