For skater Dan Jansen, even the past has caight up with him OLYMPICS '94 - A SPECTATOR SPORT

February 15, 1994|By Kevin Cowherd

It's all coming back now-- Undergoing hypnotherapy after disastrous fall in yesterday's 500 meters, coupled with two falls in '88 Games and medal shutout in '92, speed skater Dan Jansen now blames apparent curse on an incident in elementary school when he tripped a nun.

Some assembly required -- Spare, elevated wooden desk used by CBS host Greg Gumbel was originally purchased at IKEA in White Marsh for $49.95.

Network execs are said to be "extremely hurt" after BetteHomes and Gardens noted the set has all the ambience of the Hertz counter at most major airports.

But they can't throw things -- U.S. luger Duncan Kennedy, who heroically fought off German skinheads last year but crashed on his run yesterday, has asked that taunting neo-Nazis be allowed to line both sides of the course in order to improve his concentration in future competitions.

Kick save and a beauty -- In preparation for tonight's hockey game vs. Slovakia, Team USA has asked "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander, a goalie in Rold Gold pretzels commercial, to suit up.

Lit up for four goals in desultory tie with France, former U.Snetminder Mike Dunham now selling Amway products in

hometown of Endwell, N.Y.

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