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February 14, 1994

Victims' Rights

Larry Carson's Jan. 29 article concerning Property Taxpayers United's opposition to my position on the proposed victim's rights constitutional amendment did a good job in setting out many of the relevant facts surrounding this issue.

Unfortunately, PTU's most glaring misstatement, that "Maryland trial lawyers" have blocked passage of "any victims' rights laws" in the Maryland General Assembly, did not receive the scrutiny it deserves.

If the author of that comment would have bothered to perform any research, he or she would have found pages of statutes (many passed during the last seven years) providing victims of ++ crime with specific rights in the criminal justice process.

Moreover, he or she would have found that I was the chief co-sponsor of last year's ground-breaking victims' rights bill -- the first of its kind in the nation.

Finally, anyone interested in learning the facts surrounding the victims' rights debate would have found out that an entirely reconstituted amendment has been submitted this year.

This new bill closes the loopholes contained in past bills and enjoys the kind of widespread support among judges and prosecutors such legislation did not have in the past.

I am a co-sponsor of this bill, along with many other lawyer and non-lawyer members of the General Assembly who believe in the obligation to vote in a responsible, thoughtful manner. . . .

Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.


The writer is a member of the House of Delegates from the 10th Legislative District.

Lost Touch

I believe it is time to call for the resignation of our beloved Gov. William Donald Schaefer. The Jan. 14 raid on The Block is proof that the honorable gentleman has lost touch with reality and has become a power happy egotistical old man.

I say this with remorse, for at one time this town had a mayor who possessed vision and made great strides of achievement for Baltimore and its people. But somehow that vision was blurred between his trip from City Hall to the State House.

It started when he began to forsake the people who helped him on his journey, such as Lt. Gov. Melvin (Mickey) Steinberg, and later forgot which political party he belongs to by backing George Bush for president.

Has the man become so jaded that his preoccupation with getting a football team or a stadium with his name on it has made him lose grasp of what needs to be done to resolve the real problems of the city where he made his reputation?

Was the raid on The Block a battle won in the war on drugs? I think not.

To quote Mayor Kurt Schmoke, "If we were to fight any other war this long with these results, then we would need new generals."

L I say, governor, step down, and let Mr. Steinberg take over.

David V. Thanner


Opera Collector

I would like to take issue with a statement in Stephen Wigler's his article on music collecting (Jan. 23). He states, "I have never heard of a single female opera lover who collects records obsessively."

I believe that I am that single female opera lover who suffers from OOC -- obsessive opera collecting.

Since operas are not recorded with the frequency of concertos, I have only nine recordings of "Lucia di Lammermoor," three featuring my very favorite soprano, Dame Joan Sutherland. I also have two videos with the Australian coloratura in the role of Lucia.

Space will not permit me to go into detail regarding my extensive collection of operatic repertory, but I do believe I qualify as an obsessive female opera collector with a capital O.

I also collect operatic autobiographies and biographies.

eraldine Segal


Bad Example

I read an article in The Sun about these black Baptist ministers who were appalled at Mayor Kurt Schmoke's hiring a caucasian police commissioner.

I thought that as religious leaders they weren't setting a good example for their church members.

Church leaders should speak out against racism, instead of fostering it. People should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Coleman Tutt


No Heroics

You should be ashamed of yourselves. The Feb. 5 edition of The Sun ran a front page article entitled "High Marks in Coping with Cold, Ice" which was continued on page 6 for an entire page.

To make such a big deal out of the fact that we have had winter weather for the first time in several years that at most caused some inconveniences is disgraceful when, during the past year, other parts of the country have dealt with the ravages of flood, fire and, during our cold snap, an earthquake of major proportions.

These folks lost their homes, businesses, possessions and loved ones. The media only serve to encourage Marylanders' inability to cope with unusual weather conditions by exaggerating these conditions.

God help us if we ever have something of major proportions to deal with.

Karen T. Williams



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