Bryan West, 16, of PasadenaAccomplishments/Interests...


February 14, 1994|By Kevin Harrison

Bryan West, 16, of Pasadena

Accomplishments/Interests: Bryan is a junior at the Baltimore School for the Arts (BSFA), where he maintains a 3.7 grade point average and receives voice instruction in pursuit of his greatest interest -- singing.

A chorus teacher at George Fox Middle School, Karen Uhl, first noticed Bryan's natural singing ability. In his freshman year at Chesapeake High School, at the urging of Ms. Uhl -- who had transferred to Chesapeake -- Bryan auditioned for the exclusive Baltimore School for the Arts.

In addition to a full range of academic studies, the school trains students in drama, visual arts, dance, voice and music.

Bryan's accomplishments include membership in the Maryland All-County Chorus and Maryland All-State Chorus for 1990, '91 and '92, soloist at the Lafayette College Show Choir in 1992, soloist at the State Ensemble Festival Vocal Workshop in 1991 and a performance with the Annapolis Opera Company in "The Student Prince."

He has performed as a member of the BSFA's chorus with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and is training with Hinton Battle (the lead actor in Miss Saigon on Broadway) for the 1994 production of "Expressions," an annual fund-raiser for the school.

Over Christmas, he performed at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center's Intensive Care Unit and the Charles Town Community Center for senior citizens.

Despite his classical training, Bryan has an interest in country music and will get the opportunity to combine both this summer, when he performs in Opryland's "Country Music USA" in Tennessee.

Bryan gives much of the credit to his voice instructor at BSFA, Joyce Hubbard. "She really has done a lot for me," he says, "I've improved a great deal with her help."

Future Plans: Bryan is seeking a college with a strong academic program where he can continue his voice training. He is considering Ithaca College in New York or, if his stint in Tennessee goes well this summer, Vanderbilt or Belmont.

Comments: "I had to leave my friends and all at Chesapeake, but I really think it's been for the best. I've had good experiences here. Classical music training provides the fundamentals that you can apply to any type of music."

If I get the chance, I'm going to try my darndest to do something with music. I think I can do it if I get that open door."

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