Devore swings to Triple Crown


February 13, 1994|By DON VITEK

Jane Devore of Glen Burnie is easy to spot when you're in a bowling center. She's the woman with the high backswing.

"I remember one time that the high backswing got me in trouble," she said with a laugh. "I had the ball just about up to its highest point when I lost my grip, and the ball whipped backward and into the scoring pedestal. Later, I noticed that no one was sitting behind me when I bowled."

But that high backswing generates enough power to win one of the most prestigious awards in bowling, the Triple Crown.

Bowling in the Saturday Mixed league at Fair Lanes Ritchie in the 1992-93 season, Devore posted high game, high set and high average.

Her team, the Mixed Nuts, took first place, helped by Devore's impressive numbers: 257 single game, 657 series and a 182 average.

Flirting with perfection

Gary Overstreet and Mickey Yockel bowl at Bowl America Glen Burnie, and both flirted with the perfect game recently.

Overstreet, of Glen Burnie, and bowls in a single tenpin league, the Sunday Night Mixed. He averages 175, down from the 180s when he bowled more frequently.

On Jan. 23, using a Purple Rhino Pro ball, he posted his career high game and set. He started with a 195, threw a 298 and finished with a 177 for 670 series.

"In that second game I felt like a machine," he said. "Every ball was a solid pocket hit, except for the seventh frame when I was light and got a mixer, and the very last ball when I got a little nervous and pulled the ball into the head pin and left the 6-10."

Yockel, of Pasadena, is back to the lanes after a 1 1/2 -year layoff.

"My arthritis started bothering me and I quit bowling for a while," Yockel said. "Now I just bowl in one league."

Dropping the weight of his bowling ball to 14 pounds to accommodate his arthritis, he's averaging 171. Before Feb. 6, he had never shot a 600 set. His high individual game was 253. Those numbers changed in the Left Overs league on that Sunday night when everything came together for Yockel.

Starting and finishing his three-game set with a 178 and 158 game, respectively, he pounded out a 299 in the middle game for a 635 series.

Tournament news

The National Amateur Bowling Inc. tournament on the last weekend of January at Annapolis Bowl drew 177 doubles teams and paid out $5,841 in prizes.

Cindy Bouwmans and Rich Peterson captured first place and $1,500. Second place and $750 went to Creala Kitchen and George Spencer. Regina Carrick and Bruce Lord took third place and $300. George Liningham and Gordon Carter were fourth, good for $250, and Jackie Hartman and Corinne Call took fifth and $230.

* The Fair Lanes $50,000 Duckpin Challenge starts March 24 at Fair Lanes Southwest at 9 p.m. Cost is $15. Information: (410) 789-2400.

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