From The Sun Feb. 13-19, 1844Feb. 14: The select committee...


February 13, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Feb. 13-19, 1844

Feb. 14: The select committee of the House of Delegates, appointed to consider the subject of the removal of the free colored population from Charles County, have made a report which has been printed by order of the House.

Feb. 17: Another of the falsely termed "affairs of honor" occurred in Washington yesterday, between two young men of respectable families in that city, which resulted in death to one party and will doubtless be a cause of eternal remorse to the other.

From The Sun Feb. 13-19, 1894

Feb. 13: Winter has been fooling with the calendar this season, but spread himself over the country yesterday in an effusive and diffusive way that shows that there is a good deal of life in his old bones yet.

Feb. 14: This is the anniversary sacred to the good St. Valentine and to all true lovers, and the mails this morning will carry a precious burden of hearts and arrows, tender verses and smiling cupids.

From The Sun Feb. 13-19, 1944

Feb. 16: Joan Blondell stepped into the stellar role in "Something for the Boys," at Ford's last night and scored as palpable a hit as this old theater ever has witnessed.

Feb. 18: After winning the Silver Star for gallantry in action and promotion to the rank of captain, the Rev. Timothy Andrysiak, OML, of Baltimore, has been transferred from North Africa to England, where he is serving as chaplain with a unit that is training for the invasion of Western Europe.

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