Games kick off in Norway with reindeer, but no Dog WINTER OLYMPICS OLYMPICS '94 -- A SPECTATORS'S SPORT

February 12, 1994|By Kevin Cowherd

Today we begin an irreverent look at the Winter Olympics.

THE JUDDS WON'T BE THERE, EITHER -- Today's opening ceremonies will feature reindeer, sleighs, choirs, folk dancers, etc., depicting elements of Norwegian and Lapp culture.

Officials politely declined an offer from rapper Snoop Doggy Dog to serve as host.

HE'S NO EVIL KNIEVEL -- Ski jumper Ole Gunnar Fidjestol, who '' crashed while practicing his leap with the Olympic flame, is reportedly considering hiring attorney Stephen L. Miles.

Fidjestol claims officials were negligent in failing to warn him of the dangers of soaring off a 90-meter jump. "You could break your neck!" he said.

THIS JUST IN -- A former Japanese army infantryman was discovered on a remote atoll near the Philippines, where he had lived in hiding for 49 years, not knowing World War II had ended.

He had, however, heard about the Tonya Harding scandal.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? -- Tim McCarver, CBS studio co-host at the '92 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, is said to be working at Metro Auto Parts in Glen Burnie.

THE NAME GAME -- U.S. downhill skier Picabo (pronounced PEEK-a-boo) Street has called a news conference in Lillehammer to deny reports that her twin sister's name is Icu (I-see-you).

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