Questions And Answers

February 10, 1994

Q. If you currently have health insurance, would the president's plan do away with your health insurance or supplement it? -- C.S., Baltimore.

A. Most likely you would obtain a new health insurance policy. The president's plan would have most people under the age of 65 obtain health insurance through a new regional organization called a "health alliance," which would collect premiums from workers and employers and negotiate coverage with insurers. Medicare would remain a separate program. Other health care reform plans before Congress would not require most people to obtain insurance through such alliances.

If you have questions about President Clinton's health refor program, we'd like to hear them. Call Sundial, The Baltimore Sun's telephone information service, at (410) 783-1800 (268-7736 Anne Arundel County). After you hear the greeting, punch in the four-digit code 4425 on your touch-tone phone. Responses may appear in future coverage of the president's program or in this column.

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