School board to review Telemecanique option

February 10, 1994

School board members are willing to take a second look at the former Telemecanique building on Route 140 in Reese for school offices and want to learn more about the pollution problems there.

Superintendent R. Edward Shilling said the county will not put school offices into portable buildings donated by Martin Marietta Corp.

Given that, he said, and the amount of space available at Telemecanique, the board should reconsider before rejecting the former factory.

"This is the first time we've ever been in a position to talk about one facility that could hold" all school offices in one place, Mr. Shilling said.

He said he would like learn more about the environmental cleanup going on at Telemecanique.

Meanwhile, school officials are making plans to move some programs around next year.

One thing officials are sure about is moving the program for emotionally troubled high school students to Westminster High School next year, to have it near other high school special education programs. The program is at the old Hampstead Elementary School building now.

The Hampstead school will be home to the Resource Center, a kind of central library-media center where teachers can get books and other materials. The Resource Center is now at Westminster High School.

Uniontown Elementary School, which closed last June, will continue to serve as an office area for several teachers who travel between schools and also will serve as a center for teacher training.

Gary Dunkleberger, director of staff development and curriculum, said he would like some day to have the Resource Center and teacher-training center in the same building, so they may complement each other.

That could happen if the schools ever take the Telemecanique building, Mr. Shilling said.

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