Residents protest additional homes

February 08, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Several residents of Hawk Ridge Farm are asking the Sykesville Planning Commission to address their concerns before allowing the developer to build nearly 100 new homes in the subdivision.

The commission reviewed preliminary plans last night for four final sections in the development at the north end of town.

Before the builder could discuss his plans, the commission heard a barrage of complaints.

Jim Boyer's driveway repeatedly floods and becomes a sheet of ice.

"I get water and it runs across five other yards," Mr. Boyer said.

After nearly two years of trying to establish a lawn, Sue Curry has nothing but mud to show for her efforts.

"Come down and see it for yourselves, but wear hip boots," said Ms. Curry, of Hawk Ridge Lane. "Water has been sitting there for four months."

A "super silt fence" installed last summer had kept runoff from getting to the yards until the water froze and broke the fence, she said.

George Fischer, who had severe drainage problems last year, said he was worried that a proposal to remove berms will cause problems to reoccur in his yard on Caracara Court.

"During this extreme weather, there is not a lot the developer can do," said Jonathan Herman, commission chairman.

"We are aware of your situation and we have plans to rectify it," he added.

Jeff Powers, vice president of Powers Homes and builder of the development, said he plans to install a drainage pipe as soon as the "weather is conducive."

Town Manager James L. Schumacher assured the residents the new town building inspector would be on site today.

Bob Bradley, engineer for Hawk Ridge, said he is recommending a sediment-collection area behind Caracara Court.

He also said the extension of the existing storm drain system to a sediment basin would minimize erosion.

Ms. Curry remained skeptical.

"Every time they move dirt, it washes into our house," she said.

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