Daughter of Melissa and John Towns of...


February 07, 1994

REBECCA TOWNS, 13, daughter of Melissa and John Towns of Westminster; twin sister of Matt and sister of David, 11, and Brad, 18.

School: Eighth-grader at Westminster East Middle School.

Honored for: Making good grades and good friends at East Middle after moving to the area over the summer from Seaford, Del.

"She just did a real nice job incorporating herself into the school," said Virginia Ashmore, assistant principal.

Rebecca sings in the school chorus and participated in "play day" teams that go to other county middle schools to compete.

Outside school, she has continued to take dance classes as she did in Seaford, and enjoys singing and acting.

Goals: [There are] "so many things I want to do. I know I want to keep on going with fine arts, and possibly in business."

Comments: "It was real easy" to make friends, Rebecca said. "Everyone was so nice. My friend was talking to me and she said, 'You were so outgoing, it was easy for you to make friends.' I'm not shy at all."

Rebecca started making friends in August by joining a soccer league, she said.

"I figured soccer would help a lot," she said. "Also, I enjoy playing it." She also plays field hockey, runs track and competes in the high jump.

Her grades continue to be A's and B's, as they were in Delaware.

"I have been studying hard," she said.

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