Robinson's 300 is perfect birthday gift


February 06, 1994|By DON VITEK

This month Joe Robinson of Edgewater turns 16. Last weekend in the YABA City Tournament at Greenway Odenton, he gave himself an early birthday present.

After bowling in two squads, three games each, Robinson started the last squad with a strike and kept on striking off the sheet for a 300.

"After the 300 I had a hard time concentrating," he said.

The results were games of 159 and 176 for a 635 set.

Robinson is averaging 185 in the Saturday morning YABA at Greenway Odenton; Sundays he bowls in the Arundel Travel league. The sophomore at South River High School has a career high set of 687.

Duckpins are better

Eric Fleishman, 16, of Glen Burnie is in his second year of adult bowling.

"I started bowling when I was a kid," said Fleishman, a senior at North County. "I tried tenpins for a while, but I like ducks better."

On Sunday he bowls in the 385 Scratch, Tuesday the 390 Scratch and Saturday it's the Guys and Gals, all at Southwest; Friday nights it's Fair Lanes Westview.

"At Southwest I carry 129," he said. "At Westview I'm up to 133."

On Jan. 23, in the 385 Scratch league at Southwest he started slowly, throwing a 127 and a 135 for his first and second games. The third game was the big one, his career high single game of 201.

Different lanes are tough

Rick Elder, 15, bowls at Crofton in the YABA and likes to bowl in the Junior Bowlers Tour events.

After taking first place in the handicap division in the JBT at Bowl America Odenton he decided to try his luck at the next tour stop.

"On Sunday, Jan. 30, the tour was at East York lanes [York, Pa.]," he said. "I made the stepladder finals but the best I could do was fourth place."

After averaging 188 and being seeded fifth, Elder shot a 211 to win his first match. In the second match game he lost, 245-213.

"It's tough in a different center," he said. "This weekend, for example, every pair of lanes had a different condition and sometimes the game would be in the fifth or sixth frame before I figured them out."

Triple Crown accomplishment

The Triple Crown is one of the most difficult feats in bowling. To win it the bowler must lead the league in high game, high series and high average.

Terry McIntosh of Severn is one of the tenpin bowlers who accomplished the feat.

She bowls in three leagues -- on Monday nights it's the INSCAM league at Fort Meade, Friday TGIF league at Bowl America Glen Burnie and on Wednesday a mixed league at Bowl America Odenton.

In the Wednesday mixed league last season, McIntosh put together a career season. High game of 246, high series of 657 and a high average of 183 earned her the Triple Crown.

"I think I bowled better because of the competition in that league," she said.

"It was a lot of going head to head that year. I'd have high game, get knocked out, have high set and get it beaten, get one or the other back just to lose it again. I just was concentrating more, I think, because the competition was so tough. Actually it wasn't until the last week of the league that it was settled."

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