Years Ago* March 5 was celebrated in Annapolis by...

TC 100

February 06, 1994|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arundell County Historical Society.

TC 100 Years Ago

* March 5 was celebrated in Annapolis by hundreds of people marking the 200th anniversary of the move of the State Capital from St. Mary's to Annapolis. -- The Sun, March 6, 1894.

* Annapolis fox hunters had a successful hunt Saturday. Visitors from New York, Washington and Philadelphia took part. -- The Sun, March 12, 1894.

* John F. Wiggins, an Annapolis carpenter, successfully replaced the weather vane on the spire of the capitol today. It had been broken by a duck flying against it. Upon ascending, he was loudly applauded by witnesses of his daring act. -- The Sun, March 17, 1894.

* Charles B. Reed and David S. Collett have purchased the

Stewart property in the Third District and divided it into building lots. It has been named "Severn Park." -- The Sun, March 20, 1894.

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