No More Subsidies For DiscriminationIt was a pleasure to...


February 06, 1994

No More Subsidies For Discrimination

It was a pleasure to learn that Maryland's Court of Appeals had overturned a 1991 decision by Circuit Court Judge James Cawood, and unanimously upheld an Annapolis ordinance prohibiting private clubs such as the Elks from obtaining city liquor licenses if their bylaws are discriminatory. . . .

The Elks are of course welcome to continue their exclusive membership practices, which bar women and "others," but no longer will these be unwillingly subsidized by Annapolis taxpayers. . . . The local Rowe Boulevard club claims itself to be a victim of a "national" bylaw, but . . . the question is why any such bylaw was devised to prohibit membership to women or "others," and its continuance is disgraceful.

So let it continue -- at the expense of those who practice it.

I tip my hat to the Court of Appeals and to Judge John C. Eldridge. . . .

Stuart G. Morris

St. Margaret's

BWI Noise

On Dec. 26, The Sun published an article concerning the resolution of the Airport Coordination Team's challenge to the Baltimore-Washington International Airport Noise Zone of 1988.

This article contained a serious error in describing the noise zone as areas with a noise level of 65 decibels where "zone residents are eligible to have their home bought by the state and relocate or have soundproofing installed." Only homes in the 75 decibel (using Ldn figures) are eligible for sale to the state. Homes in the 70 to 75 decibel area are eligible for soundproofing or "resale assurance," and participation in either program requires granting the state an "avigation" easement which essentially gives the state the right to run roughshod over the helpless homeowner. . . . I urge all who are even slightly interested in this matter to get a copy of the brochure entitled "Noise Abatement Plan and Airport Noise Zone" and copies of the avigation easements from the BWI noise abatement office (859-7021).

Once you have read these documents, you will understand that BWI is not an unqualified asset for northern Anne Arundel County, although it may be for Baltimore City, which is evidently what Gov. William Donald Schaefer wants.

dmund A. Klebe


Safe Passage

I would like to publicly thank Tom Redmond and his company, Redmond's Towing Service, for a priceless service that they provide to Pasadena area residents every Christmas and New Year's holidays.

For several years, Mr. Redmond has advertised a free tow home to anyone who has had too much to drink over the Christmas holidays. . . . On New Year's 1994, much to my amazement and relief, I found Mr. Redmond's offer was not a gimmick.

While leaving a friend's New Year's party, I was asking myself, "Have I had too much to drink?" Rather than take a chance on driving, I called Redmond's. In less than 15 minutes, a tow truck from Redmond's was there and provided me and my car safe passage home, free of charge.

Thank you, Tom Redmond and your company, for being concerned and helping to make Pasadena a better and safer place to live and travel.

Julie Siemer


Colonel Morris

We are writing this letter in response to your Dec. 3 article

and Dec. 12 cartoon concerning the Fort Meade garrison commander.

Both your article and cartoon depict Col. Robert G. Morris III as a loud, foul-mouthed individual. Nothing could be farther from the truth. . . . All of the undersigned attended the professional development seminar when Colonel Morris allegedly told lurid stories about the Gulf War. Colonel Morris' stories were factual representations of leadership problems he faced. . . . His stories offended no one and many of the soldiers who did not participate in the Gulf War came away with a good idea of the magnitude of the operation.

We find it mind-boggling that The Sun would print such an article . . .

Why doesn't The Sun do an article on all the good things Colonel Morris has done for the installation? . . . In his short tenure at Fort Meade, Colonel Morris has instilled a sense of pride that has never before been attained. He has managed to take a group of individuals and make a strong team that has a vision of making Fort Meade a show place for everyone to be proud of. . . .

`Lt. Col. Robert Wegmann

Maj. Robert Atterbury

Capt. John Occhipinti

Fort George G. Meade

No Need To Fret About Most Mids

Re: The Sun's editorial, "The Naval Academy's Mistake," Jan. 18.

You are right; the honor code cannot be blamed for the academy's problems. Do not lie, cheat or steal is as good today as it was 40 years ago. You are wrong when you cast doubt on the character of most midshipmen currently subject to it. I sponsor several midshipmen. If they are examples, there should be no concern for the integrity of most of the 4,000 midshipmen who abide by the honor code.

The vast majority want nothing to do with those who lie, cheat or steal. They don't need them; none of them would trust a wing man who cheated. Is the Navy so desperate for officers that they need the less than perfect?

Adm. Thomas C. Lynch is right about the failure of education and training. But whose? He appoints senior officers to his review committee who were at the top during the leniency period of the last 15 years. Is this a cover-up? Is the rumor true that many members of the football team are involved? Is the problem the character of those at the bottom or those at the top?

vend E. Thomas


The writer is a 1952 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and captain, U.S. Naval Reserve (retired).

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