Outstanding PhotographyEditor: If there were ever any...


February 06, 1994

Outstanding Photography

Editor: If there were ever any question concerning The Sun's continuing tradition of outstanding photography, complete with poignant subject matter, unique vantage points and compositional design, your article, "From A to Zebra: Sun Photographers' Favorite Pictures of 1993" (Dec. 26), answered them all.

The cover by Jeffrey F. Bill especially caught my attention because its closeup of a zebra's stripes bears an uncanny resemblance to A. Aubrey Bodine's photograph which he titled "A Dozen Stripes," published in the old Sunday Sun rotogravure section in 1956. . . .

While Mr. Bill's zebra was captured on film near a zoo near Miami, and Bodine's in the one in Druid Hill Park, both beautifully illustrate the Bauhaus School's axiom that "Less is more."

Bennard Perlman


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