Around the house* Cover an opened cookbook with a sheet of...


February 05, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Cover an opened cookbook with a sheet of plastic wrap to protect the pages from spills when making a favorite recipe.

* Sharpen scissors quickly. Cut through a small piece of sandpaper.

* Before painting, punch a few holes in the lip of the paint can with a hammer and nail. This will allow excess paint that accumulates around the rim to drain back into the can and there will be less mess when putting the lid back on.

* Save energy. Make sure baseboards and radiators are brushed and vacuumed; furniture should not be blocking heat.

* Vacuum upholstered furniture. Remove cushions and vacuum all sides, including the area beneath the seats. Frequent cleaning prevents soil from becoming embedded.

* Check entrance locks to all exterior doors. Install dead-bolt locks. If door is near windowpane, use a double-cylinder dead bolt that can only be opened with a key. Doors are secure if they are able to withstand several hard blows.

In the garden

* Place a bucket beneath the eaves of your house to catch rainwater for your houseplants. It should be free of chemicals, lime and rust.

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