Why do blacks kill whites?

February 04, 1994|By Jared Taylor

PREDICTABLY, Colin Ferguson's killing of six commuters and wounding of 19 others on a Long Island train late last year has prompted speculation why he so resented whites that he killed them at random.

The search for the causes of such crimes is welcome, but it is overdue. Although most Americans never hear about them, purely racial killings of whites by blacks are not that unusual.

Earlier last year, Missy McLauchlin of Charleston, S.C., was abducted by blacks, gang-raped for several hours, shot and killed. Her assailants said this was in retaliation for "400 years of oppression."

In January 1991, Robert Herbert and three other blacks agreed to kill the first white man they found. A student at Boston's Northeastern University became their victim.

In February 1991, Christopher Peterson was arrested for killing seven whites with a shotgun. He explained that he had a deep-rooted hatred for white people.

The 1991-1992 trial of members of the Miami Yahweh cult revealed that black members had killed at least seven whites at random as part of the activities of their hate cult. The 1991 racial killing in Crown Heights, N.Y., of Yankel Rosenbaum is, unlike the others, well known.

What makes blacks hate whites? We can be sure that the explanations for Mr. Ferguson's assault will revolve around such things as poverty, oppression, the legacy of slavery and institutional racism.

Some propose these as sources for the "legitimate rage" of black males.

No doubt there is a grain of truth to these explanations, but there is a far more important source of hatred. Racial murder, like poverty, crime, drug addiction and welfare dependency, is almost always explained in terms of simplistic "root causes" that shift the blame to whites.

We have a veritable rosary of such excuses. Blacks get poor grades in school? The teachers are racist. Blacks don't have work? Racist employers refuse to hire them. Blacks take drugs and shoot each other? White oppression drives them to it. Seventy percent of black children are illegitimate? Slavery broke up the black family. Blacks are 10 times more likely than whites to be in prison? The justice system is racist.

Blacks are told over and over by whites as well as blacks that there is no form of failure that cannot be attributed to white racism, past or present. The suggestion that blacks themselves must take responsibility for their actions is "blaming the victim" and therefore just another act of racism.

What is the result? It is only natural to hate someone you are constantly told is oppressing you. Although it is commonly said that American society teaches blacks to hate themselves, instead our society teaches blacks to hate whites.

The habit of shifting the blame dies hard. Every commentator or editorialist who mitigates the evil of Mr. Ferguson's assault by an appeal to the usual "root causes" will only make it more likely that some other black man will kill whites.

Every "root cause" explanation is yet another evocation of racism, yet another unintended justification for hatred and even murder.

Today's blacks face nothing like the obstacles to success that previous generations did. To insist that they do, to claim that black failure is invariably caused by white wickedness, will ensure more crimes like that of Colin Ferguson.

We are reaping what we have sown.

Jared Taylor is the author of "Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America," published by Carroll & Graf. He writes from Louisville, Ky.

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