Theatre group offers 'Red Riding Hood'

February 04, 1994

Instead of going through the woods to Grandma's house, Little Red Riding Hood is coming to Westminster tomorrow as The Parker Playhouse of Ocean City presents its annual production at 2 p.m. at Westminster High School.

For 14 years, the mayor and council of Ocean City have allocated money for The Parker Playhouse to perform family shows around the state as a way of saying "thank you" for making the town a successful family resort.

The 1994 show is the musical "Red Riding Hood," which begins with the little girl being sent to her sick grandmother's with a basket of goodies. Through a ballad, Red's mother warns her of the dangers of the world and not to talk to wolves.

But in the forest, two wolves, a father and his bumbling son, are already plotting the demise of Red. As the elder wolf complains of his son's lack of understanding of how to be a crafty wolf, he tries to teach the youth with the song "Finesse."

When Red shows up, the wolves begin their plot to make a "blue plate special" of Red and her grandmother.

This new version of the classic story focuses on humor rather than fear and includes audience participation.

The doors open at 1:30 p.m. for ticket-holders.

Free tickets to the show are available at all county public library branches today and tomorrow and, today only, at the Department of Recreation and Parks, 125 N. Court St., Westminster, 857-2103.

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