Agencies present modest budgets

February 04, 1994|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Sun Staff Writer

Efficiency and modest increases were the buzzwords during hearings yesterday on the Carroll County operating budget, as three agencies pitched their requests to the county commissioners.

"We came in under budget, extremely far under what we were allowed," said Jolene Sullivan, director of the county's Department of Citizen Services, echoing her colleagues from the Department of Administrative Services and the Department of Social Services.

Total requests from citizen services for fiscal year 1995, which begins July 1, were $589,305, compared with $701,470 last year.

Department of Administrative Services members requested $1,304,190, compared with $1,301,130 last year.

The Department of Social Services requested $135,110, compared with $128,510 last year.

Department heads were asked in November not to request more than a 5 or 6 percent increase in their budgets. Carroll County budget director Steven D. Powell said he expects county revenue to increase by 7.1 percent for the coming fiscal year.

Citizen services requested increases primarily to pay for staff members to make presentations at regional councils, for training to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act and to increase staff hours.

Housing and Community development requested an additional $3,180 to increase the hours of a part-time underwriter; the Bureau of Aging requested an increase of $31,435 to cover a staff position previously paid for through grants and to hire a site manager for the New Windsor Senior Center.

Also, Bureau of Aging requests for $10,000 for a new car and $5,000 to make up federal money lost through a new funding formula have been placed on a separate list for the commissioners to decide later.

Decreases came when $137,705 of the Bureau of Aging budget was transferred to the Statewide Special Transportation Assistance Program and when the children and youth coordinator went from full-time to part-time, saving $10,250.

Increases requested by Social Services are for a state step raise for employees that must be paid by the county, a total $2,400 annual increase in the money given Adult Foster Care provider homes and a $1,020 increase in overhead costs assessed by the federal government, said budget analyst Stephen Pyne.

Under Administrative Services, increases came primarily from travel expenses for conferences and training, and various salary raises.

Tourism requested $4,240 to increase the hours of two part-time employees; environmental services asked $19,465 more for a new administrative technical assistant and various salary increases; and $520 more was requested for the cable television coordinator.

The cable television office also requested $525 for a television and cable hook-up so coordinator Doris White can monitor cable signals, said administrative services deputy director Micki Smith.

Budget decreases included saving $14,000 by transferring a secretary out of the administration offices and $5,350 when the liquor board administrator reduced his hours.

The commissioners are expected to review the requests over the coming months. They must adopt a budget in May.

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